INFLANET satellite meeting

23 March 2024

Detailed program

Saturday afternoon session

14:15 Welcome and introduction by INFLANET coordinator, Dr Mai Nguyen Chi
(University of Montpellier, FR)
14:30 1st keynote speaker: Prof. Anne Huttenlocher
Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin–Madison
“From humans to zebrafish and back: understanding inflammation and its resolution”
15:10 4 INFLANET ESRs student’s talks
Saatvik Potluri (CNRS, Paris, FR)
Fibroblast activation upon inflammation in zebrafish larvae
Maria Demou (University of Montpellier, FR)
Analysis of the binding mode of S100A6 to RAGE using integrative structural approaches reveals the importance of cysteines for ligand: receptor complex formation
Giulia Lupi (STUBA, Bratislava, SL)
Understanding macrophage motion during wound healing: extraction of smooth velocities and analysis of randomness
Sankeert Satheesan (Acquifer, Heidelberg, DE)
Design and implementation of workflow tools for multiplexed time-lapse imaging experiments in zebrafish screening
16:10Coffee break
16:40 4 INFLANET ESRs student’s talks
Maria Parlani (Radboud, Nijmegen, NL)
Dissecting the foreign body response at a cellular and molecular level
Eleni Grosu (Radboud, Nijmegen, NL)
Stromal response to cancer
Gaofeng Zhu (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Haploinsufficiency of PTPN1 underlies a novel type I interferonopathy
Konan Allaly (TatraMed Software, SL)
Automatic path extraction inside the aorta from CT data
17:55 2nd keynote speaker: Prof. Sarah Walmsley
University of Edinburgh, UK
“Hypoxia and neutrophil re-education”
Closing remarks