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Hotel Visegrád
2025 Visegrád, Rév u. 15.

Visegrád is a small pictoresque town located at the bank of the Danube, approximately 40 kilometers north from the capital Budapest in the spectacular region called the Danube Bend. With the hills in the back and the river in the front, Visegrád has always been an important place in Hungarian history, also thanks to its beautiful castle from the 13th century.

The recently renovated Hotel Visegrád is located in the centre of the town and close to the Danube, and has great conference and hotel facilities. Hotel Visegrád is the official conference hotel recommended by the Organizers.

Although there are no direct public transportation connections between Visegrád and Budapest Airport, Visegrád can be reached from the airport by two changes (one from bus 100E or 200E to metro line 3 in Budapest and one for the bus 880 or 882 heading to Visegrád from Budapest) and the organizers will also organize bus transfers between the hotel and the airport.

How does the bus transfer work ?

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The venue also provides in and out-door swimming pools, spa facilities, bowling alley, darts, table soccer and free wireless internet access.


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